Best Pharmacy

Pharmacy is responsible for the procurement, storage and distribution of drugs and dressing material to the indoor and outdoor patients.Pharmacy is located at Dr. Prem Hospital Panipat.Bulk stores of Pharmacy are located at the IIIrd floor of Multi speciality and territory care hospitals.Drugs are distributed from the Bulk Stores to different Sub Stores located at Dr. Prem Hospital, New OPD, and APC from where it is distributed wards, OPD,Laboratries, OTs,ICCUs.

Pharmacy provides round the clock services.It also prepares some preparations like ointments, solutions, paints, and powders etc.which are not readily available in open market.


  • Selection of Drugs to be purchased
  • Short listing of Firms for calling Quatation for purchasing of Drugs
  • Revision of Drugs Formulary from time to time.

    Inspection of the Incoming Material as per supply orders in respect of:

  • Quantity
  • Quality as per specification
  • Shelf Life (It should not have passed more than 1/6th of total shelf life).
  • To ensure maintenance of Cold chain during transportation of thermolabile drugs.

    This formulary has been prepared for the convenience of prescribing Doctors.This lists the approved drugs.Efforts are made to ensure the availability of these drugs in the PGI Pharmacy depending upon their consumption pattern.The drugs have been listed by their generic names, both alphabetically and according to the use in different diseases.