Ambulance Service Call at +91-98961-00191, Mobile +91-82953-00191

Dr. Prem Hospital offers 24 hours round the clock ambulance services, to meet any emergency- surgical or medical. An ambulance that can take care and provide the patient, right from the site of the accident, or illness, advance medical assistance.

A brief look at each of these unique facilities

Emergency Kit

This is a light-weight aluminum suitcase, containing all emergency drugs, equipment and infusions (drips). It is carried to the house of the patient, to start emergency treatment, on the spot.

Suction machine

To take out secretions (sputum) from the lungs.

The Critical Care Team

A doctor, trained in Intensive Care, will always be on board. To assist him with the patient, will be a male nurse and a ward boy, apart from the driver who would also help in the shifting of the patient.

Ambulance Service Call at +91-989-6100191, Mobile+91-82953-00191

Mr. Ganesh Dubey :+91-9416781138 (Transport Manager)
Mr. Surender Kumar : +91-9416567146 (Driver)