The linen and laundry department is responsible for providing clean and washed linen after collecting dirty/soiled linen from all the hospital areas i.e. Operation theatres, the Indoor wards, Outpatient department, Intensive Care Units of LHDM and Dr. Prem Hospital.

Objective of the Department

The aim is to provide adequate quantity of the quality and sterile linen at the right time at the requisite place to indoor patients, operation theatres and other patient care areas of the hospital.
In-Charge Linen & Laundry services, In-Charge Nursing services and housekeeping personnel are a part of the linen and laundry committee which remains functional on all 365 days in a year in order to ensure uninterrupted timely supply of the washed linen.

Department Overview

We at Dr. Prem Hospital give utmost importance to the cleanliness and minimizing exposure and spread of infection. The laundry containers carrying used linens are colour coded into two categories as mentioned below to disinfect the contaminated linen before washing:

  • Yellow Bag: Infected linen soiled with patient blood, excreta or body fluids. Contaminated linen from a patient who is known, or clinically suspected, to be infectious. For example salmonella, hepatitis A, B or C, open pulmonary tuberculosis, HIV etc. All the contaminated linen is dipped in 5% sodium hypochlorite for 1-2 hrs and first disinfected and then sent for washing.
  • Green Bag: Dirty linen/ non- infected linen i.e. used linen that is apparently not stained with blood, excreta, body fluids etc. All the linen that is not contaminated is send for washing directly after packing in the green laundry bags.
  • Hospital infection control measures are taken to prevent gross microbial contamination of the air and persons handling the linen. Personnel handling soiled linen are provided with Personal Protective Devices like Workers gloves, Face masks, caps etc. Clean linens are transported and stored by methods that ensure maximum cleanliness and sterility. Bed linen/ Patients gown are changed daily and whenever soiled with blood or body fluids.

    All soiled linen form OT is separately decontaminated using 5% Sodium Hypochlorite solution before sending to the laundry. It is then packed in sealed linen bags. All clean contaminated line is sorted and packed in sealed linen bags directly.

    We make sure that the pillows have heat-sealed, waterproof covers, which are cleaned with detergent and water between patients. If cover is damaged or punctured, and article itself is contaminated it is condemned and disposed of as a waste. Pillows are regularly changed with fresh pillow case and beds are disinfected with 1% sodium hypo chloride after death and discharge of a patient.

    At LHDMH, Laundry Service is an outsourced facility. Manual washing and Mechanized cleaning facilities are available in the out sourced laundry. This includes disinfection, sluicing, washing, drying, ironing & calendaring. We frequently visit the outsourced facility to make that the standard laundry processes are followed with maximum cleanliness and sterility.

    Function of Inspection Committee

    Inspection of the Incoming Material as per supply orders in respect of:

  • Quantity
  • Quality as per specification
  • Shelf Life (It should not have passed more than 1/6th of total shelf life)
  • To ensure maintenance of Cold chain during transportation of thermolabile drugs.
  • This formulary has been prepared for the convenience of prescribing Doctors.This lists the approved drugs.Efforts are made to ensure the availability of these drugs in the PGI Pharmacy depending upon their consumption pattern.The drugs have been listed by their generic names, both alphabetically and according to the use in different diseases.