With advancement in tha field of nutrition science the daily needs of human health and disease Are new well established .
The department of dietetice in hospital is a vital organization that carries multiple responsibilities related to patient s daily intake of nutrition.
In tha yaer patient are being provided with nutrition education and hygienically prepared high Quality food services .


The main objectives of department of dietetic are to provide : Clinical services Daily ward round are taken by the dieticians in their respective wards and Diet is prescribed and implemented in consultation with the doctors. Individual diet counseling Along with diet chart provided to indoor as well as outdoor patient.

Meal services: Meal services are provided to general as well as private wards patients .In tha entire hospital meals are centralized .The therapeutic section cares to patients who are on special feeds and diets. There are approximately 50 normal diets. The cost for general diet is Rs.100/- per day and Rs.180/- par day for private ward patients.

Education and Training – In the area of expertise in food services management and therapeutic, nutrition the department of dietetics undertakes training of dietetics interns .
Interns join for short term attachment program for a term of 3 months and 6 months for which They get the experience from the institute .
Eligibility for Screening test is PG Diploma dietetics and Nutrition .

Quality Control Measures

  • Stores- Quality of food is checked by the infection control nurse and dietician regularly are weekly. Perishable Items such as fruits , Vegetables and eggs are stored in a cold room whereas Paneer are stored in deep freezer , Thus maintaining their quality .Dry rations are stored in a spacious store room which is regularly cleaned and given the anti rodent & anti cockroach treatment routinely.
  • Food Preparation - Diet Schedule A standard diet schedule is followed for normal and therapeutic diets and feeds .
  • Clinical rounds - A standard protocol is prepared to maintain the of ward rounds .
  • Feed back- In private and general ward the feedback forms are given to the patients on a regular basis on The basis of various suggestions /opinions thus obtained , efforts are made to improve the meal services accordingly.
  • Medical Checkup – Routine medical examinations are done for food handlers once in a year and suitable treatment are given to them.
  • Personal hygiene-Regular checking of hair, nail, dress are done by the dietician for maintaining good personal hygiene of food handlers and are taught them about the cleanliness and hygienic food preparation and services on regular basis.
  • Function of Inspection Committee

    Inspection of the Incoming Material as per supply orders in respect of:
    Quantity Quality as per specification Shelf Life (It should not have passed more than 1/6th of total shelf life)
    To ensure maintenance of Cold chain during transportation of thermolabile drugs.


    This formulary has been prepared for the convenience of prescribing Doctors.This lists the approved drugs.Efforts are made to ensure the availability of these drugs in the PGI Pharmacy depending upon their consumption pattern.The drugs have been listed by their generic names, both alphabetically and according to the use in different diseases.