Prem Hospital

Dr. Prem Hospital

Dr. Prem Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital in Haryana. It boasts about its services as a frontline healthcare provider of comprehensive healthcare facilities. Within a short span of time the hospital has become the best hospital in Haryana as it has grown tremendously to a formidable innumerable services. The hospital is a fully modernized hospital and in the same league with the best hospitals in the world.

Dr. Prem Hospital has a dedicated facility for all the treatments. It is a one-stop specialist centre providing high-class treatments including the radiation medical oncology, bone marrow transplant and also surgical oncology. Their expert team of doctors devotes their expertise for the same. Only till recently the treatment in cardiology in Panipat was a risky affair. With the lack of expert doctors and facilities treatment was impossible here. But after installation of the best cardiologist department Dr, Prem Hospital has become the best hospital in Haryana. The hospital has its own cardiac Cath Lab that is equipped with the best machineries.

The hospital provides specialty as well as super specialty services that are beyond par services which is why it is one of the best hospital in Haryana. The doctors in the hospital are from all over the country and bring in their expert knowledge and skills. For every niche of treatment we have a well-versed head of the department doctor who takes care of each and every patient.

The hospital also offers comprehensive health check-up packages that are tailored to meet the needs of all the people and their families. These packages prove to be reasonable for entire health checkups and also are provided under one roof.

The rooms in the hospital are specially designed to provide the patients maximum comfort and privacy. The hospital also provides a host of new amenities in the rooms that makes the living of family member in the hospital hassle-free. The rooms provide for a world-class accommodation and a warm ambience. It in equipped with superior nurse calling system and all the modern amenities.

The environment inside and outside the hospital is quite soothing and warm. The hospital maintains hygiene and sanitization in and around the hospital. Patients’ rooms are also cleaned everyday and sanitized with organic chemicals.

The hospital has its own ambulance, which are fully equipped and driven by experienced drivers. Every ambulance is occupied with two nurses when it is on duty. They make the sure that the patient reaches hospital conveniently. The hospital also has its own pharmacy, blood bank and testing facilities.

All-in-all Dr. Prem Hospital is a high in class hospital that takes care of each and every requirements of its patients. They have the best doctors, hospital staff, and equipment from round the world who devote themselves in serving their best.