Prem Hospital

Dr. Prem Hospital

Maintaining the strong legacy for the last two decades, Lala Harbhagwan Dass Memorial & Dr. Prem Hospital has redefined the healthcare industry with the Best Hospital in Haryana. Since its founding, the group has always tried to take healthcare services to the next level. The group’s motive for building a Multi-Speciality Hospital in Panipat was to provide the patients with the best super specialty services and create a new milestone in patient satisfaction. With a workforce of over 100, including 20 established and reputed doctors, state-of-the-art medical facilities provide medical services to extensive areas around Panipat.

The hospital has a vision of providing the latest super specialty services to people at affordable expenses, so the people of all socio-economic backgrounds can have their healthcare needs fulfilled. Holding the passion for exceeding the patient’s expectations and bringing meaningful change to people’s lives, the hospital only cares about its patients and their wellbeing. Alongside the hospital, the group has also established a medical institute, Prem Institute of Medical Sciences, which offers various nursing and physiotherapy courses.

The patients at Dr. Prem Hospital vary from ordinary people to corporate & government employees and many reputed peop0le from society. We take pride in satisfying our patients and customers by providing the best possible services to meet the specific needs at affordable prices. Additionally, we are strongly committed to improving our standards by which we provide our services. This improvement is to satisfy our patient requirements and do our job right the first time.

The critical elements of a successful strategy can be organized into the following categories:

  1. Developing the right culture for quality to flourish
  2. Attracting and retaining the right people to promote quality
  3. Devising and updating the right in-house processes for quality improvement
  4. Giving staff the right tools to do the job

Dr. Prem hospital is a center for managing trauma, Neuro-surgical cases, complicated surgeries, gynecological surgeries, and critical cases. The hospital has established itself as a reliable and efficient unit for the timely management of complex emergencies over the years. The hospital offers super specialty services in almost all departments.

Our purpose as an organization is to SERVE HUMANITY, which drives us to pursue our vision ‘o be able to provide latest healthcare services at affordable cost along with enriching lives by providing world-class facilities for health and education.’

To make the healthcare facilities affordable and easily accessible to all, the hospital has collaborated with various corporate and Third Party Administrators. Dr. Prem Hospital is on the panel of Haryana Govt., IOCL, BSNL, FCI, NFL, different TPA’s and Insurance Companies.

Dr. Prem Hospital is on the verge of beginning its Nuclear Medicine Department, Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery, and Hip Replacement Department. We plan to introduce the latest and best required medical facility and refining skills that have helped Dr. Prem hospital emerge as a Pioneer in the development and maintenance of quality standard healthcare delivery.